We are a transdisciplinary research group, committed with the development and application of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, mainly focused on the design of strategies to resolve problems from key areas, like human health, environment, renewable energy and industry. We have developed new techniques for optical and thermal characterization of molecules and nanomaterial.

Phothermal Techniques

We are interested in the relationship between optical or thermal properties of nanomaterials with dimensional parameters in nanoscale: size and morphology analisys, by using equipment designed and developed in our laboratory. On the other hand, the detection and quantification of biomolecules (hemoglobin, carbohydrates, amino acid, etc.) with no invasive method and without blank sample, and detection of molecules for environmental impact.


Gene Therapy

In this research line, we work with molecular strategies to treat hepatic diseases, mainly hepatic fibrosis and hypercholesterolemia (Through the use of siRNAs and the microRNAs miR-122 and miR-33). In addition, Design and synthesis of cationic lipids and nano-composites for gene transfer.


Biomedical Applications

Main work is focused on system modelling and signal processing, mainly of physiological signals. Design and synthesis of nanomaterials for physiological and pharmaceutical applications. Additionally, evaluating the use nanoparticles as a drug transportation.

Environmental Nanotechnology

We are working with new methods of metallic nanoparticles synthesis, employing plant extracts (Green synthesis) for biosensing and genosensing applications. Evaluating the efficiency of different configurations of AuNPs as therapeutic gene transfer vehicles. In addition, we use nanotechnology for lipid extraction and biofuel production.


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